For over a decade, the Capital Institute has worked to create a new space for holistic economic thought that draws on the latest science of living systems and ancient wisdom traditions coupled with 20 years at the pillar of global finance on Wall Street. We believe that our finance-driven economic system is in urgent need of a regenerative redesign, one that is grounded in the universal laws – not theories – of living systems. 


Capital Institute offers a variety of resources, programs, and experiences from thought leadership, webinars, talks, books, workshops, courses and more dedicated to bringing a regenerative economy to life across all areas of the economy – from the macro to individual leadership.

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Regenerative Economics
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Regenerative Organizations

Regenerative Economics

Regenerative Economics is the application of nature’s laws and patterns of systemic health, self-organization, self-renewal, and regenerative vitality to the design of socio-economic systems.

Capital Institute has written dozens of blogs, white papers, thought pieces, and books that contribute to the emerging field of regenerative economics.

Capital Institute’s John Fullerton speaks at conferences, seminars, events, festivals, corporate retreats on Regenerative Economics and the 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality.

In 2022, Capital Institute launched its first-ever course, “Introduction to Regenerative Economics: New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Managing, and Being for the 21st Century.” This course aims to provide a living systems approach to redesigning our economy so that long-term prosperity, human dignity, social equity, and planetary wellness can be viably sustained throughout the world. In 2022, we had 500+ participants from 40+ countries and featured the work and voices of 20+ key thought leaders. The next Introduction to Regenerative Economics Course begins on Monday, March 13, 2023. Enrollment doors open Monday, January 9, 2023. Please join the course interest list to receive the latest course news to your inbox.

Discover the people, businesses, and projects that are incubating the regenerative economy in our cities, rural communities and financial system. The Field Guide links the theory of the Capital Institute with practice, shining a light on how the regenerative economy is emerging in the real world. Since 2010, The Field Guide has been telling stories of the emerging regenerative economy.

Regenerative Finance

Regenerative finance is simply finance in service of a regenerative economy. 

Drawing upon an insider’s understanding of the world of high finance from Capital Institute Founder and President John Fullerton, as well as the principles and patterns of sustainability found throughout living systems in the real world, Finance for a Regenerative World provides a frank assessment of our flawed finance ideology, and a bold, principles-based framework for the future of Finance.

Capital Institute’s John Fullerton speaks at conferences, seminars, events, festivals, corporate retreats on Regenerative Finance, including: Modern finance ideology and practices through a regenerative lens; Exploring emerging “sustainable investment” practices through the Eight Principles; and How banking and finance can be aligned with the Eight Principles to create true wealth and prosperity.

Regenerative Organizations

Capital Institute and our operating partner nRhythm have teamed up to offer a variety of regenerative organizational resources that empower people to design and manage their own organization as living, evolving and naturally functioning organizations where health, abundance and resilience are recurring outcomes of its regenerative design.

We are excited to launch a new 12-month incubator rooted in Living Systems Patterns. This Incubator will provide everything your team needs to start a new organization or reimagine an existing one. 
The Incubator is designed for: 
Entrepreneurs – Everything you need to grow your startup from ideation into a regenerative organization 
Organizational Leaders – Everything you need to transition to a regenerative organization

This 60-minute webinar gives a quick introduction on why we focus on Regenerative Organizations. Learn about the potential of a living systems approach to organizational design and management.

This offering is designed for: Anyone who is new to Regenerative Organizations.

In this course, we’ll help you discover how to design and manage your team, project, or organization as a Regenerative Organization where thriving members, resilience, and value and wealth creation are recurring outcomes of its underlying health. 

This offering is designed for: Anyone who is ready to begin integrating the foundations of a regenerative approach into their organizational design and management. Capital Institute recommends this short on-demand course as a starting point to integrate regeneration into your business in meaningful ways.


Our Mini Workbooks are designed to help you discover yourself and support your journey towards regeneration.

This offering is designed for: Anyone seeking to apply a regenerative approach either personally or within a team.

Drawing from decades of experience designing regenerative organizations, we created the Regenerative Leadership Program to help you build your capacity as a leader and create the conditions for collective outcomes, health and resilience beyond your imagination.

Join the Capital Institute cohort in the nRhythm Design Lab. Design Lab is a 4-week online workshop that helps you take an idea, project, or team and design it using nRhythm’s Regenerative Design approach. Learn nRhythm’s Regenerative Framework by putting it into practice with your own project, as a part of a cohort of Capital Institute participants. You’ll emerge with the start of a new implementation plan and a toolkit you can use in your work again and again.

This workshop is designed for: Individuals or teams interested in learning how to design, create, and manage with a more holistic and regenerative approach through a customizable, hands-on, impactful journey. Through the integration of Capital Institute’s 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality, you will learn to apply an equitable, collaborative, living systems and regenerative approach to how we design and manage our work, economies, businesses, policies, and communities and how to apply this to your specific project, program, product, or organizational structure.

Our partners at nRhythm offer comprehensive, easy to use Organizational Health Assessments to help teams, companies, networks, collaboratives, and communities measure the underlying health and Regenerative Capacity of their design and operations, align around actionable solutions, and unleash dormant potential. Capital Institute recommends this offering to support a healthy organizational environment.