We’re at a momentous moment in time. The shift needed to transform the world’s economy will take all of us as empowered participants. Capital Institute Global Ambassadors are committed to regenerative economics as the principles-based, theoretical foundation for redesigning economies to meet unprecedented demands. 

Capital Institute's Global Ambassadors are a community of partners, practitioners, influencers, and educators committed to stewarding the 8 Principles of a Regenerative Economy. Every Capital Institute offering supports our mission aligning our economic systems with living systems principles. As a Global Ambassador, you are a part of a global ecosystem activating individual participation in the shift to regenerative economics and finance.

Meet the Capital Institute Global Ambassadors

Principle-Based Approach

Our Global Ambassador Program is based on the 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality. Right Relationship, built on mutually beneficial structures and agreements based on equity and diversity. If you are interested in activating individual participation in the shift to regenerative economics and finance, we invite you to apply below to become a Capital Institute Global Ambassador. 

Capital Institute Offerings

Introduction to Regenerative Economics 8-Week Course: New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Being and Leading for the 21st Century

You’re invited to join over 1000 professionals, leaders, students, policymakers, and thought-leaders from over 50 countries on a collective journey to reimagine our economyCapital Institute’s new online course, Introduction to Regenerative Economics: New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Being, and Managing for the 21st Century, is centered on how the eight principles of regenerative vitality can be used to build a vibrant and self-sustaining economy that is in service to all life. These eight principles provide critical insight into how and why integrity, ethics, caring, and sharing are non-negotiable systemic requirements for securing true prosperity and long-term social and ecological wellbeing for all. 

Monthly Live Discovery Dialogues 

Introducing Monthly Discovery Dialogues: A new live series from Capital Institute. On the last Thursday of every month Capital Institute’s John Fullerton hosts a Dialogue on a current and vital topic with relevance to economics and finance. We will draw on our extensive global network of global thought leaders with specific topic expertise to engage in dialogue with John.