From Sustainable Finance to Regenerative Investment

Investment for a Regenerative Economy

Interrogate the shortcomings of “sustainable finance” approaches from ESG to impact investing, and embark on a fresh, bold, and challenging exploration of how Regenerative Finance can support the long-term well-being of people, planet, and business.

Course Begins

Early 2025






4 hrs/week

What You'll Learn

With an emphasis on theory over technical skills, this course will demystify finance, help you see its failures, and you will learn how to apply Capital Institute’s 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality to move beyond the “sustainable finance” industry infrastructure of ESG, impact investing, and even philanthropy towards regenerative investment for genuine economic system transformation

Led by John Fullerton, an impact investor and global thought-leader in regenerative finance and economics, this course invites you to join a community of 1000+ professionals, leaders, students, policymakers, and thought-leaders from over 53 countries redefining the future of finance.

Course Outcomes

Go Beyond ESG & Impact to Learn Regenerative Investment Theory & Practice

See the Opportunities & Challenges of "Fixing Finance" at a Systemic Level

Discover Your Role Participating in the Transformation of Finance

Learn to Align Capital with the Long-Term Well-Being of People, Planet and Business

“This program is a must for anyone wanting to make a contribution  to transform the world.  It gives a context to the underlying power of our predatory economy.  The first step towards changing something is to know the nature of the problem.”

– Kiffer Sikes, Alumni

Course Design


Mondays at 11:00 am ET (New York) throughout the course (2-Hour Sessions) 

For each module, course participants will have access to experience a live lecture hosted by John Fullerton and engage in live group dialogue. These lectures provide the core framework of the curriculum, and are augmented by selected readings and other content.  



Select Wednesdays at 11:00 am ET (New York) throughout the course (90-Minute Sessions) 

Mindfulness Dialogue is a core learning tool of the course. Each week, John Fullerton will host a module specific Discovery Dialogue with a global thought leader to further support emergent understanding. 



Select Wednesdays at 11:00 am ET (New York) (2-hour Sessions) 

The Practice Labs offer a co-creative space to work in small groups to radically reimagine and redesign the financial system of the future from the ground up that is in service of health, ecological harmony, and a shared and equitable prosperity throughout the world.



We have created a mindful and intentional container to explore in community the profound paradigm shift that underlies the content of this course. Participants will gain access to the active existing course alumni community comprised of over 1000 professionals, entrepreneurs, students, policymakers, and thought leaders from over 53 countries who have completed Capital Institute’s flagship Introduction to Regenerative Economics Course, where they can collaborate with a range of regenerative thinkers and change makers long after the course is completed. Participants are encouraged to self-organize throughout and after the course to advance their personal and professional growth in key areas of interest.

What Alumni Are Saying

This Course Is For

  • Investment professionals seeking to leverage financial capital for the long-term well-being of people, planet and business
  • Finance professionals of all levels who intuit something is profoundly wrong with our financial system
  • Finance professionals of all levels who think everything is just fine with our financial system
  • Philanthropists who think it’s time to move on from Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth
  • Entrepreneur, business owner, or leaders looking for regenerative financing to grow in a healthy way
  • Multi-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate students curious how investment can serve life and not the other way around
  • Executives curious about investment in a capitalist system that could benefit people, planet and business
  • Sustainability Consultants who understand finance is the elephant in the room but don’t know how to change it
  • Academics inside and outside finance and economics who are curious about the foundational approach and theory of regenerative investment and finance as a living system.

Course Begins

Early 2025






4 hrs/week

Enrollment Information

Dive in to this course for 15 hours of paradigm-shifting insights on Regenerative Investment. Scholarships are available for this program through the Generosity Fund. Join the interest list to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Investment for a Regenerative Economy

Choose this option to enroll for Capital Institute’s Investment for a Regenerative Economy 4-week online course


Scholarship Program

The scholarship application period closed on April 25, 2024. We offer scholarships for the full program through the Generosity Fund and its mission to remove the financial barrier to the global regenerative awakening and ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need regardless of their means. Learn more


Finance for a Regenerative Economy

The Investment for a Regenerative Economy course is part of the 2-course Finance for a Regenerative Economy program. Explore the full 2-month transformational program re-imaging our economic and financial systems in service to life.


John Fullerton is an unconventional economist, teacher, writer, impact investor, and some have said philosopher. Building on and integrating the work of many, he is the architect of Regenerative Economics, first conceived in his 2015 book, “Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Patterns and Principles Will Shape the New Economy.”  His companion book Finance for a Regenerative World was released in 2018.  Read more.

The full Finance for a Regenerative Economy program consists of two courses; Investment for a Regenerative Economy and Money & Banking for a Regenerative Economy. This course is one of the two courses you need to complete to complete the full program.

We design all of our programs to be online, flexible and taken from anywhere in the world. All live sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11 AM ET (New York). You can convert your timezone here. In our global community, some students chose to not participate in live sessions and learn asynchronously via the recordings of each week’s live sessions.

The current scholarship application period closed on April 25, 2024. It will re-open once enrollment for this course is open. We offer scholarships for the our courses and programs through the Generosity Fund and its mission to remove the financial barrier to the global regenerative awakening and ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need regardless of their means. Learn more

Yes. You can start with the Investment for a Regenerative Economy online course that begins on May 8th, 2024, and if you wish to dive deeper and complete the full finance program, you can sign up for the Money & Banking for a Regenerative Economy course that begins on November 6, 2024 at a later date. However, if you enroll in the full program now, you will receive a $200 discount on your enrollment fee for signing up to both courses.

The Investment course is designed for investment professionals seeking to move beyond the “sustainable finance” industry infrastructure of ESG and impact investing, as well as anyone curious to reimagine finance, financial capital and ideas about ownership, and even philanthropy as a constructive force for economic system transformation. The Money & Banking course is designed for Central bankers, financial system policymakers, regulators, and engaged citizens curious about the role governments, money, banks and public policy can play in enabling finance flows that benefit life.

This course is designed on the premise that it is not possible to “fix finance” without an accurate diagnosis, and without clarity on the purpose of finance. Regenerative Finance starts with foundational understanding and a new theory of finance in service to people, planet and business. It is unlike other sustainable finance programs that provide tools for improving financial performance or decision making. Please note that course participants will not receive the following benefits, so if this is what you are looking for, this course may not be for you:
  • secrets to enhance outperformance versus a benchmark in your quarterly portfolio performance
  • easily defined new metrics to enhance portfolio reporting, regardless of genuine system change impact

Yes, we provide a certificate of completion to participants based on an assessment of your participation and understanding at the conclusion of the course.

Building a Regenerative Future

For over a decade, the Capital Institute has pioneered a new space for holistic economic thought that draws on the latest science of living systems and ancient wisdom traditions coupled with our founder, John Fullerton’s 20+ years at the pillar of global finance on Wall Street. We believe that our finance-driven economic system is in urgent need of a regenerative redesign, one that is grounded in the universal laws – not theories – of living systems. The regenerative economy we foresee is a powerful one, unleashing unseen possibilities for self-sustaining prosperity for all. This potential derives from an intrinsic wisdom that resides in us all that can – and must – be tapped to create regenerative enterprises that support our socio-economic system as a whole.

a program of...

With Life is an approach that holds the patterns of life and living systems at its foundation. Unlike the extraction and separation perpetuated by mechanistic systems, With Life empowers us to reconnect, regenerate, and heal by designing, managing, and monitoring in alignment with the patterns of living systems. 
With Life Programming provides opportunities for people and organizations to build capacity in the With Life approach.  Our workshops, courses, and learning tools are helping all sectors globally to shift their mindsets and operations to align with the patterns of living systems.