The Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy

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Discover the people, businesses, and projects that are incubating the regenerative economy in our cities, rural communities and financial system. The Field Guide links the theory of the Capital Institute with practice, shining a light on how the regenerative economy is emerging in the real world. Since 2010, The Field Guide has been telling stories of the emerging regenerative economy.

Hudson River Flows

A bold and collaborative regenerative effort is emerging in the Hudson Valley of New York, changing its economic, social and cultural landscape and restoring its human and natural communities to systemic health. A collaborative of writers, thinkers and network entrepreneurs has come together to document this new narrative.

In this video, a visit to the Hawthorne Valley Biodynamic Farm in Harlemville, New York, and a trip down to the Inwood Farmer’s Market in Manhattan illuminates the inextricable link between rural and urban Hudson Valley.

A Year in the Life of a Regenerative Bank

Can the tools of finance and banking be used, not just for short-term financial gain, but to support the regeneration of our human communities and economies, and the stressed ecological systems upon which they depend for their very survival?

Can a bank be profitable and also serve as a regenerative change agent?

We concluded with no easy answers.

Regenerating Tottenville

Clues to regenerating communities that have been damaged by unmanaged development are often revealed in the rich patterns of human collaboration that existed in their economic heydays, before the corrosive effects of extractive development were fully felt. Here we explore the history of those collaborative human networks in Tottenville.

Perhaps what we learn can help Tottenville and other communities develop new mutually-supportive learning networks that will be relevant to revitalizing economies in the 21st century.