Despite its remarkable achievements during the 20th century, the economic system of the past cannot continue into the future without a fundamental transformation. The science is irrefutable. The exponential growth of compound investment returns and, by extension, the exponential growth of the economy’s material throughput demanded by the financial system, has positioned our global economy on a collision course with the finite physical boundaries of the biosphere. At the same time, this relentless and narrow pursuit of exponential growth of returns on invested capital, without reference to universally acknowledged moral and ethical values, is contributing to an ever-widening and destabilizing wealth gap, and security crises around the globe.

Since its founding, Capital Institute has emerged as a provocative new voice grounded in a deep understanding of mainstream finance. We are a sought-after and trusted New Economy resource, committed equally to groundbreaking thought leadership, deep analysis of successful and transformative Regenerative Economy models, and the collaborative sharing of knowledge with partners and an expanding community around the world.

We believe our finance-driven economic system is in urgent need of a new story, with a new roadmap. This new story must be aligned with the laws (not theories) of natural systems and our current scientific understanding of how the world works, which is remarkably aligned with the compassion and mindfulness embodied in all wisdom traditions.

Capital Institute is working to tell this new story and to construct this new roadmap. We are diagnosing the financial system from within. Together we are redefining wealth and reimagining finance in service of the emergence of an ecologically and socially regenerative economy that promotes equitable development and shared well-being while respecting vital ecosystem function.

The Regenerative Economy narrative we are communicating is a powerful one. We see it applying not just to individual firms, but to the macro economic system as a whole. Our work on the framing of this narrative is inspired by a unique collaborative relationship with our transdisciplinary network, and with the gifted entrepreneurs making the Regenerative Economy happen on the ground. The latter we study deeply in our Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy, an ecosystem of stories that we hope will inspire others to join the Regenerative Economy movement.