Transformational 4-month journey re-imaging our economic and financial systems in service to life.

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With this new Regenerative Finance Package, you will learn how to apply Capital Institute’s 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality to evaluate, re-imagine and re-design the current financial and economic systems based on a living systems framework. We’ve designed this package to provide you with the foundational understanding of a regenerative economy in the Introduction to Regenerative Economics course and a practical understanding of the financial system transformation needed to bring this to life in the Finance for a Regenerative Economy online course. 


Package Investment: $1500 ($2,200 value) 

Package Format: 2 Online Courses | Introduction to Regenerative Economics & Finance for a Regenerative Economy 

Duration: 4 Months | January 31 – March 30, 2024 & April 16 – June 5, 2024 

Time Commitment:  2-Hour Live Lectures every Monday at 11am ET (New York) and 1.5-Hour live events every Wednesday at 11am ET (New York) which will feature a series of Discovery Dialogues and Practice Labs for the duration of both courses.  

Part 1: Bonus Introduction to Regenerative Economy Course Access: The package gives you access to Cohort 5 of the Introduction to Regenerative Economics Course starting January 31, 2024. This course promises a transformative journey with 1000+ alumni and 30+ thought leaders worldwide to kickstart your 4-month investment in re-imaging our economic and financial systems. 

Part 2: Finance for a Regenerative Economy Course: In the upcoming Finance for a Regenerative Economy Course, you will learn how to apply Capital Institute’s 8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality to evaluate the practice of finance and to evaluate the role of finance and financial system transformation needed to bring a regenerative economy to life


Mondays at 11:00 am ET (New York) throughout the course (2-Hour Sessions) 

For each module, course participants will have access to experience a live lecture hosted by John Fullerton and engage in live group dialogue. These lectures provide the core framework of the curriculum, and are augmented by selected readings and other content.  



Select Wednesdays at 11:00 am ET (New York) throughout the course (90-Minute Sessions) 

Mindfulness Dialogue is a core learning tool of the course. Each week, John Fullerton will host a module specific Discovery Dialogue with a global thought leader to further support emergent understanding. 



Select Wednesdays at 11:00 am ET (New York) (90-Minute Sessions) 

The Practice Labs offer a co-creative space to work in small groups to radically reimagine and redesign the economic and financial systems of the future from the ground up that is in service of health, ecological harmony, and a shared and equitable prosperity throughout the world.



We have created a mindful and intentional container to explore in community the profound paradigm shift that underlies the content of this course. Participants will gain access to the active existing course alumni community comprised of over 1000 professionals, entrepreneurs, students, policymakers, and thought leaders from over 53 countries who have completed Capital Institute’s courseswhere they can collaborate with a range of regenerative thinkers and change makers long after the course is completed. Participants are encouraged to self-organize throughout and after the course to advance their personal and professional growth in key areas of interest. 


“The journey through both courses has been challenging as it requires us to revisit our core views on finance and the economy. However, it has seeded so many ideas and relationships, that I am full of hope that creativity and systems change can be set in motion. As a matter of fact, what the energy and intelligence of these cohorts show, is that we are already in motion.” – Alice Leguay, Course Alumni

This PACKAGE is designed for:

  • Finance professionals of all levels who intuit something is profoundly wrong with our financial system
  • Finance professionals of all levels who think everything is just fine with our financial system
  • Anyone who loves (or hates) ESG and impact investing
  • Multi-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate students curious how finance can serve life and not the other way around
  • Public sector officials and private sector executives hungry for fresh thinking on “fixing finance”
  • Sustainability Consultants who understand finance is the elephant in the room but don’t know how to change it
  • Philanthropists who think it’s time to move on from Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth
  • Academics inside and outside finance and economics who are curious how seeing finance as a living system changes everything
  • Academics in the finance and economics sector who should be more curious
  • Central bankers, financial system policymakers and regulators
  • Confident bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity professionals who may be smarter than wise


Upon completion of this 4-month journey we will answer these fundamental questions:

  • How can Regenerative Economics address the unprecedented crises, such as global warming, viral pandemics, and extreme economic disparities?
  • Does exponential and undifferentiated economic growth truly define the path to long-term prosperity?
  • What is the purpose of finance, how has it failed to serve that purpose, and how could it serve future generations? 
  • What are the characteristics that define economic vitality and what are the conditions needed to deliver regenerative potential?
  • What needs to be done to align our financial systems with the emergence of regenerative economies to unlock new potential?
  • How can regenerative principles be applied to create a new leadership paradigm and new approaches to management?
  • How do the principles of Regenerative Economics resonate with ancient wisdom traditions?
  • What would finance look like if it were in service to healthy human communities and the long-term health of the planet, rather than destroying it?
  • How do we harness the power of finance to transform our economy and unlock new potential in the process? 

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Paid in 3 installments over 3 months


“Put your pencil down. Stop, and rethink everything.” 

– John Fullerton, Going Circular Film

John Fullerton is an unconventional economist, impact investor, writer, and some have said philosopher. He is the architect of Regenerative Economics, first conceived in his 2015 booklet, “Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Patterns and Principles Will Shape the New Economy.” In 2018 he published the complementary work, “Finance for a Regenerative World” in four Acts.

After a successful 20-year career on Wall Street where he was a Managing Director of what he calls “the old JPMorgan,” John listened to a persistent inner voice and walked away in 2001 with no plan but many questions. A few months later he experienced 9-11 first hand. The questions crystalized into his life’s work with the creation of the Capital Institute in 2010. Capital Institute is dedicated to the bold reimagination of economics and finance in service to life, reflecting the evolutionary shift in consciousness from Modern Age thinking to Integral Age thinking. Guided by the universal patterns and principles that describe how all healthy living systems that sustain themselves in the real world actually work, the promise of Regenerative Economics and Finance is to unlock the profound and presently unseen potential that is the source of our future prosperity and the reason for hope in our troubled times. John’s work is now featured in the highly acclaimed 8 week online course: “Regenerative Economics: New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Being and Leading for the 21st Century” which has been experienced by over 800 people from 50 countries in its first year.

During his Wall Street career, John managed numerous capital markets and derivatives businesses around the globe and was JPMorgan’s Oversight Committee Representative that managed the rescue of Long Term Capital Management in 1998, and finally was Chief Investment Officer for Lab Morgan before retiring from the firm. John is a committed impact investor, a board member of Aquasafra and the Savory Institute, and a Full Member of the Club of Rome. He is an advisor to numerous sustainability initiatives, and writes a blog, “The Future of Finance”. John was featured in the award winning documentary, Going Circular and the PBS documentary on the financial crisis, Money, Power, and Wall Street.


For over a decade, the Capital Institute has pioneered a new space for holistic economic thought that draws on the latest science of living systems and ancient wisdom traditions coupled with our founder, John Fullerton’s 20+ years at the pillar of global finance on Wall Street. We believe that our finance-driven economic system is in urgent need of a regenerative redesign, one that is grounded in the universal laws – not theories – of living systems. The regenerative economy we foresee is a powerful one, unleashing unseen possibilities for self-sustaining prosperity for all. This potential derives from an intrinsic wisdom that resides in us all that can – and must – be tapped to create regenerative enterprises that support our socio-economic system as a whole.