Capital Institute and nRhythm Form New Partnership to Catalyze Regenerative Transformation

All of us in the regenerative movement recognize we are running out of time. Our societal systems need rapid transformation to address the environmental, social, cultural and existential polycrisis of this time.  In response, Capital Institute and nRhythm are announcing a groundbreaking partnership to launch an innovative “landscape” of regenerative offerings to help catalyze this transformation. We are calling this landscape “With Life.”

With Life combines Capital Institute’s vision and unique credibility to reimagine economics and finance with nRhythm’s proven and unparalleled excellence in operationalizing regeneration to create a landscape of transformational offerings. This partnership will create powerful new connections, new learning journeys, new tools, and new programming. Our shared vision is to transcend traditional industry specializations and transform all our societal systems so that businesses, communities, farms, schools, governments, and entire economies align with life, work with life, and are ultimately teeming with life.  

Breaking Down Industry Silos

This partnership recognizes that addressing the rapid transformation needed at this time, requires capacity building for regeneration beyond traditional industry and disciplinary silos. We need to fully embrace the interdependent challenges, opportunities, cultures and tensions in movements to transform economics and finance, organizational design and management, agriculture, urban development, race and equity, social justice, education, politics and more. In the same way that ecosystem restoration recognizes that restoring individual ecosystems like a lake, field or forest is dependent on managing all the ecosystems together as an entire landscape, With Life will catalyze regenerative transformation by embracing the complexity across industry “ecosystems” by offering a “landscape” of services and support.

What This Means for Our Evolving Communities

Capital Institute and nRhythm’s communities will soon enjoy the increased integration of Capital Institute’s and nRhythm’s current courses, services and offerings. You will also receive early access to new With Life programming to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Reflecting on this partnership, Tre’ Cates, founder of nRhythm said, We could not be more excited about investing more of our resources in this expanded partnership. This was a natural outcome of a deep commitment to each other’s work. This partnership will bring new With Life programming that will provide the foundation for even more regenerative potential.”

John Fullerton, Founder and President of Capital Institute added, “I have known nRhythm since its inception and have seen their good work transform organizations, unlocking regenerative potential in the process. We are up against it, and time is not our friend. I’m confident this deeper collaboration and joint offering will accelerate the emergence of the regenerative paradigm into our awareness, our behavior and leadership, our organizational design, and eventually into every corner of the global economy. “


About nRhythm

nRhythm is a global organizational design firm that is transforming workplaces to create conditions for health and resilience for all. We are actively involved in designing, creating and managing organizations using a regenerative approach that views organizations as complex living systems.

About Capital Institute

Capital Institute is a non-partisan think tank working to create a more just and sustainable way of life on earth. Together with our collaborative network, we combine modern science, storytelling, and the knowledge of timeless wisdom traditions to illuminate the path from an extractive economy to an emerging regenerative economy that supports the long-term well-being of people, planet and business.