Looking for Progress at the Rio+20 Conference

Despite a well-publicized once-in-a-decade meeting that brought government officials, businesses, and NGOs from 188 nations to the negotiation table, the Rio+20 environmental summit has concluded on Friday with no enforceable commitments on climate change and other ecological crises, frustrating participants and civil society alike. Some progress was made on the sidelines through NGOs and businesses, but there was an overarching failure to acknowledge the planetary boundaries that limit economic activity as currently constituted.

While details can be debated, Capital Institute believes that the issue of planetary boundaries is ultimately inseparable from climate change and thus must be included in any future worldwide negotiations. Our first working paper of the Third Millennium Economy Project, entitled “Economics, Finance, Governance, and Ethics for the Anthropocene,” examines conventional approaches to the subjects above and offers a new paradigm that operates within the planet’s boundaries. Download a copy of the working paper atCapitalInstitute.org and send your comments to [email protected].