Board of Directors & Advisors

Lawrence Lunt

Lawrence Lunt, a native of Brussels, directs the US arm of his family office, Armonia, whose mission is to invest 100 percent in innovative sustainable impact investments. He sits on the Board of several of Armonia’s portfolio companies.

Lunt began his career with General Motors in Tokyo, Japan, in 1984 as an automobile industry analyst and later transferred to GM’s newly acquired computer services subsidiary, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in London. In 1990, he became a Director of the ARTAL Group, a Luxemburg private holding company owned by his family.

In 2007, Armonia helped seed the launch of TBL Capital, an intentional, patient capital venture fund focused on the needs of the entrepreneur with a balanced emphasis on people, planet, and profit. Lunt also created Fun Machine, a music production and publishing company promoting various music genres with the Latin producer Andres Levin. He has released several CDs as a singer-songwriter.

Among his philanthropic activities, Lunt founded the Barat Foundation at the Convent of Sacred Heart of Greenwich whose mission is to educate students in philanthropy. In 2002 he helped restart the international education program Up With People, a global youth program building bridges of understanding to promote world peace. In 2008, he helped launch Ashoka in Belgium.
He is a member of the Social Venture Network and Investors’ Circle, and has a strong interest in preserving the Arctic. He is also a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Global Leadership Council and of the International Polar Foundation.

Lunt has a degree in Economics from Louvain University and received an MBA from Sophia University. He is married with three daughters.


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Hazel Henderson

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Hunter Lovins

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Bill Reed

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William Rees

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Simon Rich

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Carol Sanford

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Gus Speth

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Stewart Wallis

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