Board of Directors & Advisors

Hunter Lovins

Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS). NCS helps companies, communities, and countries implement more sustainable business practices profitably. Lovins has worked from Afghanistan to New Zealand, and was asked by the King of Bhutan to serve on a team of international thought leaders transforming the global economic paradigm. This led to a position on the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Sustainability And Prosperity (, an international team developing a global strategy of change for a world that works for all.

Over her 30 years as a sustainability thought leader, Lovins has written hundreds of articles and 14 books. Her latest, The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism to Save Our Economic Ass (2012), is a sequel to the international best seller, Natural Capitalism.

A founder of the field of Sustainable Management, Lovins has helped create several MBA programs and is currently a professor of sustainable business at Bainbridge Graduate Institute and Bard MBA. In 2013, she served as Regents’ Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. She was recently named a Master at the DeTao Academy in China.

Lovins has won dozens of awards, including the European Sustainability Pioneer award, the Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel) and the 2012 Rachel Carson Award. TIME magazine recognized her as a Millennium Hero for the Planet, and Newsweek called her the Green Business Icon. She consults widely for companies from Unilever and Walmart to small businesses in local communities, and speaks to audiences ranging from the World Economic Forum to chambers of commerce.


Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes is an innovative thinker and entrepreneur whose work has focused on fixing the deepest flaws of capitalism.  He

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Philip Duff

Philip N. Duff is founder and Chief Executive Officer at Massif Partners, an institutional investment manager focused on the solvency

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Hazel Henderson

Hazel Henderson, PhD, is a world-renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, and author of

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Bill Reed

Bill Reed, AIA, LEED, is an internationally recognized proponent and practitioner in sustainability and regeneration. Reed is a principal in

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William Rees

William Rees, PhD, is a human ecologist, ecological economist, Professor Emeritus and former director of the University of British Columbia’s

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Simon Rich

Simon Rich serves by appointment of the Governor on the North Carolina Economic Development Board and chairs the Innovation and

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Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford is founder and CEO of The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute and InterOctave, a global consultancy. She has worked with

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Gus Speth

Gus Speth, Esq, is a Professor of Law at Vermont Law School. Previously he was a Sara Shallenberger Brown Professor

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Stewart Wallis

Stewart Wallis served as the Executive Director of New Economics Foundation (NEF) from 2002-16, inspiring and demonstrating real economic well

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