We are excited to launch a new 12-month organizational incubator rooted in Living Systems Patterns. This Incubator is designed to support all the functional and strategic areas of your organization from HR and finance to products and programs. It’s everything your team needs to start a new organization or reimagine an existing one. Join us as we embark on a journey to reimagine how organizations designed with life can support regenerative transformation.   

Application deadline extended until October 22, 2023 at 11:59pm EST (New York)

Inaugural cohort begins November 6, 2023

An Incubator With Life

We are seeking a small number of unique organizations who want to create transformative change by adopting a regenerative approach to how they work. 

In light of the interdependent challenges of our time — from climate change to workforce engagement to social injustice — there’s a greater need than ever for organizations to become catalysts of regenerative transformation.  

We need organizations that not only create regenerative outcomes, but ones that are regenerative in their operations.  

The Incubator is designed for…  

  • Entrepreneurs – Everything you need to grow your startup from ideation into a regenerative organization 
  • Organizational Leaders – Everything you need to transition to a regenerative organization
a program of

The Incubator is a program of With Life, an innovative landscape of regenerative offerings seeking to catalyze societal system transformation. With Life combines Capital Institute’s vision and unique credibility to reimagine economics and finance with nRhythm’s proven and unparalleled excellence in operationalizing regeneration to create a landscape of transformational offerings. Our shared vision is to transcend traditional industry specializations and transform all our societal systems so that businesses, communities, farms, schools, governments, and entire economies align with life, work with life, and are ultimately teeming with life.