In today’s world, the prevailing financial ideology wields an overwhelming influence on the course of human lives and the health of our planet, posing a significant threat to the fabric of society and the environment. At the core of this ideology lies a series of unchallenged “absolute truths” that prioritize wealth accumulation, power, and unchecked economic growth, at the expense of communal well-being and ecological sustainability. 

Drawing upon an insider’s understanding of the world of high finance from Capital Institute Founder and President John Fullerton, as well as the principles and patterns of sustainability found throughout living systems in the real world, Finance for a Regenerative World provides a frank assessment of our flawed finance ideology, and a bold, principles-based framework for the future of Finance.

These systemic flaws, deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness, fosters a model of finance that is misaligned with the intricate dynamics of life itself. It perpetuates a cycle of exploitation, undermining the vitality of our communities and the natural world.

Determined to confront these deep-rooted flaws, Since its founding in 2010, Capital Institute and its collaborative network have been on a journey in search of a path that leads beyond today’s unsustainable economic system and the finance-dominated ideology that drives it toward an economy that operates in service to human communities without undermining the health of our biosphere and all life that depends on it. Finance for a Regenerative World is more than a mere call for reform; it’s an open invitation to collaboratively envision a financial framework that honors ecological harmony and equitable well-being throughout the world

In taking up this challenge, we seek to explore the answer to a single, vital question:

What would Finance look like if it were to operate genuinely in service of healthy human communities, and without undermining the long-term health of the planet in the process?

8 Principles of Regenerative Vitality

In the quest imagine a bold transformation of the global financial system, we turned to the profound wisdom embedded within living systems.

The eight principles of regenerative vitality are rooted in the universal patterns and principles the cosmos uses to build stable, healthy, and sustainable systems throughout the real world as the model for reimagining our global financial systems in service to a regenerative economy.

  • In Right Relationship: A recognition of the intricate web of interconnections that bind all living things, emphasizing the importance of balance and mutual respect within ecosystems and human societies.

  • Views Wealth Holistically: A broader understanding of wealth that transcends monetary value to include social, cultural, experiential, and natural capitals, advocating for a comprehensive measure of community and ecological well-being.

  • Innovative, Adaptive, Responsive: The essential role of creativity, flexibility, and responsiveness in navigating the challenges of a rapidly changing world, highlighting the value of solutions that can adapt and evolve.

  • Empowered Participation: The vital importance of including all voices and stakeholders in decision-making processes, ensuring that every entity has the opportunity to contribute to the collective health of the system.
  • Honors Community and Place: An acknowledgment of the uniqueness of each community and locality, with a call for approaches that respect and reflect the distinct characteristics and needs of different areas.

  • Edge Effect Abundance: The potential for innovation and abundance at the intersections of different systems, where diverse elements meet and generate new opportunities for growth and creativity.

  • Robust Circulatory Flow: The necessity of a vibrant and healthy flow of resources, information, and energy throughout a system, mirroring the circulatory processes vital to living organisms.

  • Dynamic Balance: The pursuit of dynamic equilibrium within systems, balancing competing forces and elements to achieve harmony and sustainability.

Together, these principles form a holistic framework for understanding and engaging with the world in a way that fosters regeneration, resilience, and sustainable growth.


At the forefront of our quest to reimagine Finance, "Introduction to Regenerative Finance" marks the beginning of an enlightening journey into re-imagining genuine financial system transformation.

This white paper navigates through the eight foundational principles of regenerative vitality, highlights the deficiencies in our present financial system, and sowing the seeds for a resilient, equitable global regenerative financial system in service of health, ecological harmony, and a shared and equitable prosperity throughout the world.

The series: Finance for a regenerative world

“Introduction to Regenerative Finance” is the first installment in the “Finance for a Regenerative World” series

Following this introductory white paper, the series will delve into specific areas of finance, exploring not only the root causes of our current financial system’s disease, but also pave the way towards a genuine financial system reform. 

The other two white papers in the series will explore the following concepts:

From investment and speculation to risk management and infrastructure, we will be diving deep into the six essential functions of finance and elucidating their profound impact on both economic stability and societal well-being. We will challenge the prevailing “absolute truths” of finance, that have long guided financial activities, uncovering the root causes behind the systemic failures of our current financial system.

By dissecting the flaws in the current system— from the distinction between investment and speculation, the limitations of markets, and the misalignment of incentives, to the hard choices of limits to investment within Earth’s ecological limits — we will introduce our agenda for genuine financial reform, relying on living systems principles as our guide.


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