External Papers

A collection of external articles and publications

2 nd Summit of the Future of the Corporation’s “Paper Series on Restoring the Primacy of the Real Economy”

Bob Nadeau’s “Brother, Can You Spare Me a Planet? Mainstream Economic Theory and the Environmental Crisis”

Capital Institute’s, Corporation 20/20’s & Tellus Institute’s “Redesigning Finance: Pathways to a Resilient Future“

David Orr’s “What Is Education For? Six myths about the foundations of modern education, and six new principles to replace them”

Quantifying Sustainability: Resilience, Efficiency and the Return of Information Theory

Is Our Monetary Structure a Systemic Cause for Financial Instability? Evidence and Remedies from Nature

James Gustave Speth’s ” A New American Environmentalism and the New Economy”

Quantifying Economic Sustainability: Implications for Free-Enterprise Theory, Policy and Practice

Robert Costanza’s “Stewardship for a ‘Full’ World“

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