• The Problem of Rising Rents and Falling Incomes Seen Through the Regenerative Lens

    Our latest post looks at affordable housing–a topic very much in the news these days–and how it’s especially an issue in urban areas like New York and San Francisco where unaffordability is reaching crisis proportions. Minimum wage is clearly not keeping up with rising housing costs in these areas, but at some level most people intuit that endlessly increasing the minimum wage is a losing battle that won’t allow workers to keep up with skyrocketing rents.

  • John Fullerton to Speak with Finance Faculty at Appalachian State

    As a part of transforming business to meet a changing sustainability environment, transforming business schools to graduate future sustainable business leaders is a must. Walker College of Business at Appalachian State has included sustainable business in their mission and vision this year, and they’ve invited John Fullerton consult on the new curriculum next month.

  • Regenerative Capitalism

    In April 2015, Capital Institute released Regenerative Capitalism at an event hosted by Yale University. The collaboratively created framework and accompanying white paper calls on business leaders and policymakers to fundamentally rethink economics and how our free enterprise system operates.

  • Capital Institute Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

    On the heels of our fifth anniversary, we are excited to share with you our second annual report: Co-Creating the Regenerative Economy.

  • The Stories

    Be immersed in the stories of the enterprises of an emerging, truly sustainable economy. Visit our Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy microsite.

  • Evergreen Direct Investing

    Read our case study on Evergreen Direct Investing (EDI)an investment architecture that offers pension investors an alternative to the Wall Street investing paradigm. The investing method is both a reengineering and bold repurposing of time-tested techniques.