AnamariaBerea_BW3Anamaria Berea, Ph.D. has a doctorate degree in computational social science from George Mason University and a doctorate degree in International Business and Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Romania. She has been working in research at the intersection of economics and complex systems for the past 11 years. Her research includes agent-based models of company growth, information crowdsourcing, prediction markets, Bayesian networks, social network analysis, large scale (“big data”) analysis, text and sentiment analysis, and framing qualitative into quantitative modeling, diffusion of fashion, social media impact on crowd-funding success and the emergence of language and communication in socio-biological networks. She is a Teradata University Network Faculty Award Winner and her work has been published in Journal of Washington Academy of science, Decision Analytics, AAAI Proceedings, Quantitative Finance, Handbook of Human Computation and Journal of Strategic Security. Her research has been supported by grants from ONR, IARPA, DARPA and the National Academies of Sciences. She is a member of the Washington Academy of Sciences and Eastern Economics Association.



stuart_bwStuart Cowan, Ph.D. is a Partner with Autopoiesis LLC which applies nature’s own forms of self-organization to provide regenerative design, regenerative economics and finance, and regenerative systems modeling services for the built environment, organizations, and communities. Stuart also serves as Chief Scientist for Smart Cities Council, which accelerates urban sustainability and resilience internationally. Autopoiesis LLC is one of six organizations leading the international Economics of Change initiative to transform real estate investment models to include a comprehensive range of ecological and social value layers. Stuart served as a Transaction Manager and founding team member with Portland Family of Funds, an innovative sustainable community investment fund, where he pioneered the use of ecosystem services and green buildings in the federal New Markets Tax Credits program. He served as Conservation Economy Research Director at Ecotrust, where he led the development of the Reliable Prosperity framework for a regenerative bioregion. He is the co-author with Sim Van der Ryn of Ecological Design, a visionary overview of the whole systems integration of ecology and the built environment that has been translated into three languages and become a standard reference. He received his doctorate in Applied Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley with a focus on complex systems and ecological economics. He has taught at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute’s Sustainable MBA program, U.C. Berkeley, and Portland State University.