Slow Money Gratitude

September 28, 2011

Attending the previous National Gathering and becoming involved with Slow Money has been transformational for me. These experiences are the basis for my growing Slow Money gratitude. After 17 years with my family’s brokerage business, I started a journey to become more aware of the social, environmental and economic impacts of my choices and actions. Slow Money has been one of the key organizations inspiring me to think, relate and invest differently. One of the things I am most appreciative of is Slow Money’s resource sharing and acknowledgement of great organizations working in the Community/Impact/Mission Investing Space. Since the beginning of 2010 I have invested with 8 organizations, from CDFI’s to Non-profit loan funds (including The Carrot Project and RSF Social Finance) to Impact investing funds.

My gratitude is deepest for my new relationships:

  • The passionate and skillful people at Slow Money NYC and other regional chapters
  • The visionary Woody Tasch and dedicated staff of Slow Money
  • Established organizations doing amazing community development and investment work
  • Thought leaders that challenge our understandings and provide vision of a new economy that is regenerative
  • The inspirational farmers and food entrepreneurs who care for our shared natural resources and provide food to our communities

I increasingly appreciate the focus Slow Money has on food. The intersection of knowing where your food comes from and knowing where your money goes is very engaging. Slow Money addresses both of these most important issues. They are closely linked and best understood from an integrated perspective. While the problems are complex, solutions seem within reach. Forging relationships and offering inspiration are necessary for progress and that’s where Slow Money excels. Redefining the investor in the 21st century means having everyone know their financial participation can make an important difference. Everyone invests; from food purchases to the financial institutions we do business with, from donations to providing capital to a business. A sustainable future requires a new mindset that will help us see money differently and understand how we can use it to be part of the positive change with even small actions. Start by aligning your money with your values. Begin with one relationship, event, or transaction. It will be enlightening and impactful.

I hope to see you at the National Gathering in San Francisco on October 12th-14th.

With gratitude,

Brian Kaminer
Slow Money NYC