Stuart Cowan is a Partner with Autopoiesis LLC, which applies complex living systems models and frameworks to regenerate communities, ecosystems, and organizations. Stuart grew up in the magnificent coastal temperate rainforests of Vancouver Island, and maintains a life-long passion to understand and sustain living systems.

Autopoiesis LLC has sourced, structured, and secured close to $100 million in grants, commercial and below-market loans, federal tax credits, and other sustainable financing. Representative clients include GE Capital, Vulcan Inc., International Living Future Institute, Skanska USA, the US Forest Service, Conservation Biology Institute, Earth Economics, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. He is currently the Chief Scientist for the Smart Cities Council.

Autopoiesis LLC is one of four organizations leading the international Economics of Change initiative to transform real estate investment models to include a comprehensive range of ecological and social value layers. The initiative has received seed funding from the MacArthur Foundation and Bullitt Foundation and is embarking on development of an Integrated Valuation ToolTM software tool for use as an industry standard. Autopoiesis LLC and Ecotrust collaborated in 2014 on a major study of the ecological value created by the Bullitt Center, a Living Building in Seattle, WA.

Stuart is the co-author with Sim Van der Ryn of Ecological Designa book that has become a standard reference on creating a restorative built environment, used in universities and design practices around the world.   He received his doctorate in Applied Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley with a focus on complex systems modeling and ecological economics.  He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughter.