Welcome to the Capital Institute Library. Many have asked me, “What brought you from Wall Street to your current understanding and to this work?” The answer to no small degree is the space I created to read and learn what is right under our nose. We are greatly indebted to the many brilliant scholars and courageous thinkers who have been toiling with these issues for decades, and in some cases since time immemorial. Aristotle himself was an early great thinker about money with contributions still vital today. I salute my many mentors, and am pleased to share their work and encourage its continued study.

What follows is by no means an exhaustive list. We have started with books that most touched me personally since I left JPMorgan in 2001. My apologies to all those who have made valuable contributions not yet acknowledged on our site. We intend to add to this list going forward, and highlight one work every month to your attention.

Please contact us to contribute your suggestions for critical additions to the collection.

Enjoy our library.