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Brexit: Ignorance Calls Out Ignorance

July 12, 2016

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the momentous June 23 Brexit Referendum on a still “Too Big to Fail” bank conference call last week. Revealing how he really...Read more

What’s the Matter with America? The Breakdown of Love, Strength & Intelligence

June 21, 2016

The following guest blog post is by Dr. Sally Goerner, Capital Institute’s Science Advisor. Why have millions of American voters selected Donald Trump, a narcissistic, neo-fascist salesman whose policies run from irrational to dangerous? There are, of course, many facets to this conundrum. Here, I explore its deeper psychological underpinnings in hopes that our leaders might better understand its causes and...Read more

To Break ‘Em Up, or Not to Break ‘Em Up, That Is the (Wrong) Question

May 23, 2016

Over the coming months, I will be finalizing a white paper whose working title is “Fixing Finance: System Design in Service of the Regenerative Economy.” I will be drawing on the eight principles of Regenerative Economics[1] to explore an aspirational framework for the redesign of global finance. This is the first in a...Read more

Trump, Sanders, and the Collapse of the American Oligarchy

April 26, 2016

The following guest blog post is by Dr. Sally Goerner, Capital Institute’s Science Advisor. “The collapse of urban cultures is an event much more frequent than most observers realize. Often, collapse is well underway before societal elites become aware of it, leading to scenes of leaders responding retroactively and ineffectively as their society collapses around them.” – Sander Vander Leeuw,...Read more

Capital Institute Goes to Buffalo

April 26, 2016

I had the privilege of spending a full day in Buffalo last week before delivering a lecture on Regenerative Capitalism, at the invitation of Amit Goyal, Director of the State University of New York at Buffalo’s RENEW Institute. Regenerative thinking and action is what defines an emergent Buffalo. It is taking place across scales, and it is working at the...Read more

Why Extreme Inequality Causes Economic Collapse

February 15, 2016

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Sally Goerner, Capital Institute’s Science Advisor. John Fullerton’s white paper, Regenerative Capitalism, lists eight principles critical to systemic economic health. The Capital Institute’s research group, RARE[1], uses recent scientific advances – specifically, the physics of flow[2]– to create a logical and measurable explanation of how these principles work to make or break vitality in...Read more

What Bundy and His Merry Militia Can Learn From TransCanada

January 11, 2016

Ammon Bundy and his assault-rifle-packing militia took over the Malheur National Refuge in eastern Oregon to kick off the New Year. Their gripe appears to be the Federal Government’s pesky grazing regulations interfering with their “right” to earn a profit off government land.[1] Gonna’ be a showdown at the last chance corral I guess. Now I imagine Bundy and the...Read more

Progress at COP Encouraging, But Misses Pope Francis as Modernity’s Galileo

December 11, 2015

It was exciting to be in Paris during the COP talks on Climate. There was an unprecedented united movement of scientists, civil society, progressive business leaders, investors, and activists representing social and ecological interests from around the world, all demanding our political leaders put the common good ahead of national interests and actually lead. Soon we will know the results....Read more

How Paris Changes Our Work

November 18, 2015

It doesn’t. Proximity amplifies the terror. And the fear. I learned that on 9-11. I agonize as I mourn those lost in Paris, and mourn for their families, their friends and colleagues. I am saddened to consider the now indelible line between what came before and what comes after that horrific evening of...Read more

Franciscan Economics & Regenerative Capitalism

October 22, 2015

We are pleased to share with you this unsolicited guest blog post from Bob E. Ulanowicz, an American theoretical ecologist and philosopher. The recent media flurry over Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, appears to have missed his major thrust, which happens to connect strongly with Regenerative Capitalism. Most reviews highlight Francis’ concern about global warming or...Read more

BoE Central Banker Addresses Stranded Assets

September 30, 2015

We were very encouraged to hear Bank of England Governor Mark Carney address the financial market stabilization risk of “stranded assets,” the risk that if we are to avoid 2 degree warming, we will need to leave up to 80 percent of proved oil, gas, and coal reserves in the ground, echoing the important message that has been promoted tirelessly...Read more

The Pope’s Message on Ecology and Economy

September 22, 2015

How to reconcile the “invisible hand” with the “Golden Rule?” That question first preoccupied my mind while I was a Managing Director at (the old) JPMorgan in the late 1990’s and inspired the creation of Capital Institute in 2010. Too often, discussion around this question devolves into the same shallow debate (Capitalism versus Communism or Socialism) we see now...Read more